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Letten Foundation celebrate 25th anniversary

On the 30th of March 2012 Letten Foundation from Norway celebrated their 25th anniversary here in Harare. Letten Foundation has many projects around the globe, but Harare was chosen for the celebration and we were all honored by that.

Prof. Letten has made a lot of important projects possible.

The celebration took place in the LFRH, first with a scientific seminar that was beautifully staged by our dear Prof. Simbarashe Rusakaniko and the always smiling Dr. Kerina.

The celebration were followed up by an evening function with good food and entertainment, and in good Zimbabwean tradition – a pipe band and a marimba band.

So – why the pipe band? In order to explain that we have to understand a bit of history. In 1946 Letten studied in Aberdeen, Scotland where she met her first love – the late african Kenneth Onwuka Dike who later became the first professor in African Political and Economical History at Harvard. He was later tragically murdered in his home country – Nigeria. With the pipers we wanted to tie the bonds between Lettens studies in Scotland and her interest for Africa. Letten has always believed that Africa should be build by Africans.

Letten has many projects, but the project here in Zimbabwe has been a tremendous success thanks to all of the people working hard with this and the supporting professors from near and far.

Here you have a few pictures and a video to memorize the event, and we are all looking forward to the next celebration.

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